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Frankie Cook

SWEET! Stacy, you are just incredible! Can't wait to see more. Lookds like it's gonna be great!

Renee Barnhart

I can't wait to come up there this summer. I am saving up my $$$$$!


I love the video and can't wait to see more


Stacy this is great! Congrats on the reopening, blog and reaching your facebook fans goal! I just hope I am able to see the store in person this summer!!


Looks wonderful! Love all the great looking stuff!


Stacy your blog looks great as do all the products that I can't wait to get my hands on when we are down there in August. Especially love the Bella stamps and the "spah-kely" product you used on the boa. Yummy!!!

Carol Metully

I'm so happy for you!! The way things are coming together at the store are AWESOME!!!! I'll be subscribing to this, of course, so be prepared for ALL of my comments!! You know mouth, don't close it! :) Works the same with my fingers & a keyboard!!

Karen J Reitan

Stacy, I am so excited to come to the store that I can't wait. We will be coming down earlier than normal so I can stop and shop. The store and the blog all are so exciting. Great Job and Great Success. See You soon :)

Gail Gilliam

Am so glad to see your blog and the projects on it,am looking forward to coming to your store when I can. Again thanks for sharing. Gail

Donna Rhoda

Yea! I feel so lucky to live in LC and have this great resource - now with retirement I can create and work on the projects I have stored in my mind. Thanks Stacy - love the step by step instruction and seeing how product is used


Great blog enjoying all your products and techniques..I can't wait to come back over to shop at your store..hoping to get over the first week or so in May. One of your Idaho shoppers


Love your new blog!

Amy Hurley-Purdie, Designer

Thanks for all the great comments about the blog ladies! I just got our shopping cart added to our website ( make sure to check it out and give us some feedback : ) -Amy

Kimberli Gabaldon

Absolutely fabulous. I am loving this blog. Good job you too. I can't wait to see what other techniques I get to learn.

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